06/30/2016 Summer Internship Program Returns to Combined Insurance

Alaina Anderson, Marketing Coordinator

Summer Internship Program Returns to Combined Insurance

This summer, Combined Insurance is excited to welcome 10 talented individuals to the 2016 Summer Internship Program. The interns are already immersing themselves into real hands-on experience after only a few weeks. We have interns in marketing, actuarial, legal, finance, business operations, strategic programs office, training and development, and worksite marketing.

The program aims to help students receive a meaningful work experience where they can develop professional skills relative to their career path, network with colleagues, assist in project execution, and more. What makes Combined Insurance’s internship program unique is the ability to make the experience your own. At Combined, individuals have the opportunity to take hold of their careers by attending various development sessions provided by the company, as well as an ability and freedom to assist on multiple projects.

Interning at a growing company means endless opportunities to grow, make an impact, and offer expertise in the areas where you feel that you can contribute.

Melanie Lundberg, Assistant Vice President of Talent Management and Corporate Communications, started the internship program last summer as a way to offer students a meaningful real-world job experience and an opportunity for Combined to engage with colleges and students. She said the internship program is an opportunity for students to gain real hands-on experience and make meaningful connections.

“The internship program at Combined Insurance serves as an opportunity for students to develop their professional skills and apply them in a corporate setting. We provide a holistic program with development opportunities, professional networking sessions, and social events to further enhance their experience.”

Elizabeth Kerndl, Worksite Marketing Intern, enjoyed her internship experience so much last summer, that she has returned again this year to the program. As a Worksite Marketing Intern, she has been updating and rewriting collateral to offer customers unique and personalized products, and is involved in many other projects.

“The marketing experience I received last summer was amazing,” Kerndl said. “My boss always included me on all her projects, instead of assigning me separate smaller projects here and there. Also, everyone I’ve encountered here has been so friendly and I really like the work environment. People always let me help them with projects, even if they’re not necessarily in marketing.”

Tj Zancanaro, Actuarial Intern, has also enjoyed working with people at Combined and has learned a lot from his managers and coworkers.

“One of the things I really wanted to get out of this internship was making sure I want to continue this type of career,” said Zancanaro. “It’s one thing to read in a text book and go to class, but it’s different working in the field and interacting with people in a real-world environment. And so far I’ve learned I really enjoy the actuarial work that I’m doing and everyone is always friendly and helpful.”

Rob Saperstein, Training and Development Intern, said he has learned a lot about the insurance industry and how facilitators use the training materials he has been updating all summer.

“Right now, I am working with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to update the Virtual Product Training (VPT) guides to reflect the new VPT 2.0 format,” said Saperstein. “I also had the opportunity to observe a few sales school and VPT sessions to gain perspective on how the guides I am creating will be used. It is extremely rewarding as an intern to be given real responsibilities and to help implement a project that will last beyond my time with the company.”

Our summer internship program at Combined has been highly successfully in terms of the high-impact business initiatives that the interns contribute on, and the valuable knowledge that the interns will take with them from their experience. The summer internship program will continue to grow and we expect great things from our interns in their future careers.

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