05/28/2020 Service Industry Skills can Make for Great Insurance Sales Professionals

Allison Walsh, Social Media Director

Service Industry Skills Can Make for Great Insurance Sales Professionals

For over 100 years, Combined Insurance has been a leader in the supplemental insurance industry. Our teams of dynamic, energetic people understand how to build relationships, communicate effectively and deliver top-notch customer service. It’s no wonder so many of our top-performing agents and managers come from the restaurant and retail service industry!

With our training and support, you can take the skills you’ve developed in the service industry and build a long-term career with great W2 benefits including medical and 401K, flexibility and opportunity for advancement. As part of our team, you’ll coordinate and manage the entire life-cycle of a sale and build strong customer relationships.

Want to Hear More? Here Are Some of Combined’s Success Stories!

Ramon Valdivia – Agent

 “Combined gives you the keys to the vehicle of success...”

I worked in a Mexican Restaurant for 10 years, though my passion has always been sales and face-to-face contact with people. One day, I served a customer in the restaurant and saw she had the Combined Insurance logo on her tablet. I was familiar with the company from when I lived in Mexico, and we started a conversation about Combined careers. The restaurant industry was stagnant and offered little room for growth, so I left my comfort zone and made the leap. Combined gives you the keys to the vehicle of success. You get to decide how far you want to go!

Bob Smith – NY Market Director

 “I owe a lot of my success to lessons I learned at the restaurant...”

Right out of high school I went to work in a pizzeria…eventually working my way up to running the restaurant. But the crazy hours and lack of benefits got to me. I knew an agent who worked at Combined, and 30 years later the rest is history! I owe a lot of my success to the lessons I learned from the restaurant: service is key, people skills matter and no matter what, remember where you came from.

Nate Apple – Sr. Account Executive

 “...believe in yourself and embrace a new challenge...”

I worked at a sports bar and restaurant until I was 25. But without benefits of any kind, I knew I needed to find a different career. Looking back now, there is no doubt that the service industry prepared me for success at Combined. I learned how to deal with people, and the importance of politeness, being prompt, handling adversity, and using humor to put your customer at ease. I’d advise anyone looking to join us from the service industry to believe in yourself and embrace a challenge that offers everything you’re looking for!

Deanna Purnell – Sales Coordinator

“Thanks to my strong people skills and selling ability I found a job that I love...”

After 6 years of waitressing and 4 more as a manager, I wanted to leave the restaurant business. Thanks to my strong people skills, selling ability and experience in dealing with all kinds of customers, I was able to find a job that I love with a company that takes care of me.

Charlie Blair – District Manager

“Know your craft, treat your clients right, and your income is unlimited!”

I started in the restaurant business in 1975 and worked at every possible position: busboy, waiter, bartender and eventually owner. By 2008 I realized I needed to look for a career that wasn’t as vulnerable to the ups and downs of the economy. I’d learned the value of hard work and dealing with all types of people and situations at the restaurant, and it translated to insurance very well. Know your craft, treat your clients right, and your income is unlimited!

Michael Sack – District Manager

“My customer service skills, selling ability and hard work helped me succeed at Combined Insurance.”

I worked for a well-known retail chain for 10 years as a part-time employee and then store manager, general manager and district manager. I decided I needed to switch because I was getting tired of working in the malls and always having to come in on holidays and weekends. I was making “good” money, but I didn’t see any advancement opportunities. Thanks to my customer service skills, selling ability and hard work, I built a successful career at Combined Insurance. It was the best decision I ever made — especially now that the retail industry is in such uncertain times. Combined is a great company with awesome opportunities for income and advancement!

Lexis Thomas – Agent

“My customer service and communication skills, especially as a manager, helped me immensely.”

After spending 3 years as a restaurant manager and 4 more as a cook, I realized that, at age 22, I had reached my maximum earning potential. Wanting to advance my pay and needing more flexibility in my schedule so I could raise my two children, I sought out a new career at Combined. My customer service and communication skills, especially as a manager, helped me immensely. My advice is don’t be scared to try something new — you can do this!

Reading through these stories, we’ve noticed something special about our most successful sales agents and managers at Combined Insurance: they truly care about their customers, and their main concern is helping them choose the right supplemental insurance products for their unique needs.  Many of these successful sales pros honed their skills in the service industry before joining Combined Insurance.  If your background is service-oriented, and you’re looking for new opportunities,  visit our career pages today!

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